About the company

TRADE EXIM LTD., ID No. 131043940, is a Bulgarian company and more than 10 years is one of the leading trade companies at the Bulgarian market of mineral fertilizers. Over the years Trade Exim Ltd. has demonstrated correct and flexible attitude to the specific needs of each client.

Trade Exim Ltd. owes its leading positions to the partnership with some of the biggest companies – as an importer of world’s producers of mineral fertilizers, and as a distributor of Bulgarian fertilizer factories.

The companie’s warehouses are located in the following regions: Lom, Byala Slatina, Pleven, Ruse, Byala, Donchevo, Balchik, Kameno, Yambol, Tenevo, Pazardzhik, Sofia. Trade Exim is also operator of a specialized grain terminal in port Varna – West.

We are trading annually with over 85000 tons different types of fertilizers, imported from Egypt (urea), Georgia (ammonium nitrate), Ukraine (urea and ammonium nitrate), Serbia (SAN, CAN, NP 10:20+14% sulphur, PK 16:32), Russia (NPK 16-16-16, urea), Kazakhstan (ammonium nitrate) and Bulgarian production of Agropolychim AD (ammonium nitrate, TSP, MAP, UAN).

In our company there are working qualified professionals with extensive experience in the relevant sector.