Trade Exim Ltd relies on traditional partners and is based on long-term agreements in all aspects. Some of the major companies are listed in alphabetical order as follows:

AFER Bulgaria EOOD, Devnia
Agro Santia EOOD, Sofia
Agrofert OOD, Dobrich
ASM EOOD, Montana
Buildcom EOOD, Sofia
Bonder EOOD, Razgrad
Grudev & SIE ET, Pazardzhik
Cargill Bulgaria EOOD, Sofia
Oliva AD, Knezha
Papas Olio AD, Yambol
Pesticid EOOD, village Vrachesh
Pyrgos Agro OOD, Bourgas
Pro Agro OOD, Bourgas
Pro Impex Trade OOD, Sofia
Sankomers EOOD, Pleven
Saneks EOOD, Pleven